Google Plus update ideas via online poll

Over on the official Google Plus profile, which has 8,210,804 followers with 296,299,682 total views, ideas have arisen after a poll was started.

The Google+ poll question is, “What’s the first thing you usually do when you visit Google+?”, followers could either vote by clicking one of the following answers or by adding a comment.

Google Plus update ideas via online poll

The poll, which has generated 10,459 votes, 971 +1s, 78 shares and 118 comments gave back some good results. When asked the question above the poll options were: Explore the stream, Check my notifications, Visit a community, Search for something and Share something.

So far the results are as follows - 69% said they explored the stream, 26% voted for checking of notifications, 3% visits a community, 2% searches for something and 1% shares something.

Google Plus Update Ideas

The most interesting part of this poll is the fact new ideas have surfaced from it – Here are a few ideas: 1) Make G Plus streams chronological, 2) Google Plus slide-to-mute option on mobile.

What features would you like to see in the next Google Plus update?

Google Plus update ideas via online poll pic 1