Google Plus is so much better than Facebook - 863 community members

So many social media users say that Facebook is better than Google Plus and of course some say Google Plus is better than Facebook, do you have a favorite?

The Google Plus community called ‘Google Plus is so much better than Facebook – right’, which I Mark Chubb started just for fun, it is a place dedicated to Facebook and Google Plus users who can add anything they wish as long as its related to these to social media networks.

If you have any news you can add it to the new community, it is basically a community so you can have your say.

Within a month 70 members joined, it was started on 27 Feb 2014 and those that join the ‘Google Plus is so much better than Facebook – right’ community can post under these categories - Google +, Facebook, Debate and Discussion.

If you are discussing, reporting about G+ or FB then please do share your knowledge within this community – please do also join OSM on Google Plus, looking forward to seeing you all there.

Do you prefer Facebook or Google Plus? Many believe Facebook is much better because they have all their friends and family there, and we know that many Facebook users have not tried Google Plus yet. But, those already using Google Plus believe that it is a much better social media place to be thanks to being cleaner and more professional.

UPDATE: Google Plus is so much better than Facebook - Right, now has 863 community members and climbing. There have been lots pf spam posts added but the moderator stays on top of things - join the community now.

Google Plus is so much better than Facebook - right community