Share Google Plus status, posts via Gmail, Search

Google has updated its Gmail and Google Plus with a new icon, which is in the form a ‘+’ sign. The new Google + button update will make posting a lot easier

Google had server issues today when both Google Plus and Gmail went down for a while, and a few users believed it was to do with a new update where you can now share status, posts direct from Gmail.

Share Google Plus status, posts via Gmail

The ‘+’ icon is showing on both Gmail and Google Plus accounts, but it is more useful within Gmail to be fair.

When you are in your Gmail account now whilst sorting out your emails, you do not have to open up your G Plus to send a new status or post, just simply click on the ‘+’ and job done.

The ‘+’ button appears top right in Google Plus, Gmail and Google Search, no need to visit the Plus for quick posting. We here at OSM have just noticed this, so we believe this went in late last night when we were counting sheep whilst sleeping.

Are you seeing the new ‘+’ Google update?

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