Misty Upham dead after Facebook help request

Social media can help find missing persons, and this is what father Charles Upham used in the hope to find his actress daughter Misty Upham who went missing on October 6.

Misty Upham famous for her work in Frozen River, Django Unchained and many more went missing, and her father used her Facebook account in the hope her followers could help.

Misty Upham dead after Facebook help request

The father published 5 update posts onto Facebook, but after all the help through social media Hollywood Reporter reports that the actress has been confirmed dead. Misty Upham’s body was found after a search party of three went to look for her; it was then her body was found. Her father confirmed it was his daughter to the authorities. The cause of death is not yet official, a statement will probably be released soon.

Her body was found near the White River in Seattle, Washington. Twitter users are already sending in their condolence tweets. One Twitter user said it is so sad to hear Misty had died, what a loss.

RIP Misty, our thoughts go out to family and friends.

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