Evolution vs Intrusion with new tweet experiment

The most recent improvement to the micro-blogging site was reported on the Twitter blog yesterday, where users will start to see tweets in timelines based on ‘user interest’.

Twitter said it has been embedding tweets into timelines, which focuses on Twitter users’ interests. Not sure this will be liked by the masses, already we can see many angry tweets coming through discussing the new update.

They call it ‘improving the home timeline’, some will call it interfering with what the user needs, let the users search rather than Twitter thinking for us. Do not change what works. But, Twitter believes users could be missing out on a lot of tweets, it is all about the evolution of the product.

They also reported they have been inserting accounts, topics and recommended tweets into timelines. They do this by using the information from accounts that users follow, as well as looking at interactions and the popularity of tweets.

It is all about sharing tweets that you could be interested in based on all your information; they care for what you want is what they are saying. Twitter calls it evolution of your home timeline; users are already calling it an intrusion. Seems like Twitter users are against the change, read the tweet reactions here.

Do you like the idea of Twitter putting tweets into your timeline based on your interest – is this the case of evolution or intrusion?