Michael Kors World Food Day social media campaign

Fashion Designer Michael Kors World Hunger Watch campaign is underway, and his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are showing how you can help.

Today is World Food Day 2014, and Michael Kors social media campaign has begun for children in need. He promises to personally donate 100 meals for any person who takes a selfie photo wearing one of his Watch Hunger T-Shirts, as well as using the hashtag #WatchHungerStop on any social media network platform.

This incentive will run through to October 31, 2014. If you would like to participate pick up a free T-shirt from select Michael Kors stores, to find out what stores please visit here.

Actress Halle Berry was asked by Michael Kors to visit Nicaragua, which she did for Watch Hunger Stop, she met children in schools and was joined by Nations World Food Programme (WFP). For more information please visit the official Michael Kors Facebook where you will join 15,951,405 followers, you can also follow Kors and his campaign over on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Have you taken part in the Michael Kors World Food Day social media campaign?

Michael Kors World Food Day social media campaign