BT Mail outage becoming a regular occurrence

BT Mail went down yesterday leaving its customers without email access, but they did make a public apology on its Twitter account. However, customers seem rather certain this will be an ongoing problem, and will experience many more outages in the near future.

BT responded to its angry customers that the downtime problems had nothing to do with the BT Yahoo Mail to BT Mail move. However, they said they were sorry customers couldn’t login to BT email. This message came soon after its first apology when customers couldn’t access BT Email, where they got a time out error.

BT Mail outage becoming a regular occurrence 1

Judging on BT Mail customer’s anger, they do not seem to have any faith in them anymore. BT Mail downtime seems to be a regular occurrence. BT has not yet released any statement letting its customers what the real issues was.

BT is currently moving its BT Yahoo Mail customers to BT Mail, and since the switch started problems have started to occur. One BT Mail customer said, “@BTCare - Is this going to be an ongoing problem? Same issues last week.” Another said, “@BTCare - This seems to be coming a regular problem. No access for a long period last week as well. Very inconvenient.”

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Do you think BT Mail outages are becoming a regular occurrence?

If you visit BT (@BTCare) Tweets & replies section customers seem to be having problems with their broadband now. Are you having problems with BT Mail or BT Broadband at the moment?

BT Mail outage becoming a regular occurrence 1