What is your mental age Facebook quiz

So many people like to know what their mental age is, and some serious questions can determine this. But, it is more fun when you get some random questions like you get on the ‘What is your mental age Facebook quiz’.

The ‘What is your mental age?’ quiz is being shared all over Facebook at the moment and even though it is a Bodaciouz developed game people are calling it the Facebook quiz – so all the credit goes to Bodaciouz.

Have you ever asked yourself ‘What is my mental age?’. Well now you can find out the answer. We’ll ask you a series of multiple choice questions which you have to answer. The questions are random and you might see questions that are very similar to ones you have already answered. Don’t worry. That’s all part of the highly technical and scientific testing process.

Answer the 7 questions, and we will try to tell you your mental age: The first question is, “The neighbours are throwing a big pool-party and the music is really loud… What do you do?” And there are are four possible choices to make, which include - Call the cops, Go over there and tell them to turn it down, Crash the party get drunk and throw up in the pool, and ignore it and try to get some sleep.

We will not let you know the other 6 questions as that will spoil the game, all I can say is I feel young with the age of 27 they gave me, not bad considering I am 43.

Please the ‘What is my mental age?‘ quiz here, once you have completed it click on the Facebook Share button and then comment here what mental age you was given.

What mental age was you given?

What is your mental age Facebook quiz