Twitter Passport verification from January 2015

The countdown has begun where Twitter users in Mexico, United States and Canada will need to show a valid passport to engage with other Twitter users outside the country they live in.

This means if you are a Twitter user in United States and you want to engage with someone in lets say United Kingdom, you will need to show your Passport to interact with him or her. This new service is expected to happen from January 1st, 2015 in North America.

This is apparently a new move so that Twitter can clamp down on who is accessing their service, we know Facebook and Google Plus updated its systems to add the ‘Real Name Policy’, which meant no stage/alias names were allowed to be used. But, the real name policy was soon lifted after many complaints.

Could this actually mean Twitter would have the power to endorse impose ‘travel restrictions’ on tweets?

Come on now readers, many people may have read this news already and if you haven’t it is our duty to let you know about it.

This Twitter Passport news is from the allusive satirical news website National Report, which we have to admit love reading – some real gripping stuff to read. OK, step back reverse take the ‘REAL’ out of the sentence.

Do you really think Twitter will stop someone in say USA interacting with a user in the UK? NO, of course not that would be crazy and too restrictive.

Twitter Passport verification from January 2015