Ebola cure email, social media scam

The Ebola virus is devastating lives and spreading, and it should be taken seriously. Of course millions are worried about contracting the virus and are looking for ways to help themselves getting it. Now comes the warning, so please read.

There is a new email being sent out, which is also making its way onto social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter etc. But it is mainly an email scam that should be ignored.

The email says: BREAKING NEWS It’s about time we talked about Ebola -

“Let’s check our heads for a minute for one thing Ebola is definitely contagious but it’s not as easily transmitted is like the flu it’s not an airborne disease it’s only contagious by infected people who are exhibiting symptoms at the time and even then it can only pass through close contact with bodily fluids. That’s why most people, who are getting infected our health care workers working in pretty austere conditions or family members of patients who treat their loved ones at home and prepare their bodies for burial.

Click right ‘here right’ (NOT ADDING the link) now to find the secret ingredient that will render your body practically immune to this deadly virus and save you from weeks of torture before your body gives up and you can no longer take it anymore.
(no doctor wants you to know about this).”

When you click on the link within the email it opens an audio file with text, it goes on and on. The man keeps going on about how he can cure diseases, illness and ailments etc without the need of needles. But, he never gets to the answer and just goes on so much you end still sitting there waiting for an answer – Trust us we didn’t.

When you try to close the link it goes off to the Miracle Cure page where they ask for money to download the cure. This is spreading around the web fast and emails are getting bombarded with it.

There is no known cure for some cancers and none as of yet for Ebola, just delete the email.

Have you seen the ‘It’s about time we talked about Ebola’ email yet?

It’s about time we talked about Ebola