Twitter Vs. dominant Facebook figures

Twitter is doing rather well with its users base, but when you look at Facebook’s figures the micro-blogging site is somewhat behind with a little catch up to play.

This is called Twitter vs. dominant Facebook figures because the numbers say it all, thanks to Forbes putting together a Statista infographic we can look at the data carefully.

Facebook has 1,317m active users and Twitter has 271m. When it comes to Twitter accounts with the most followers in 2014 Kate Perry comes out on top with 53.9 million, Justin Bieber with 52.4m and President Barack Obama has 43.4m followers. However over on Facebook (Stats have changed since the infographic was made) Shakira has the most followers with 105,085,500 followers, Cristiano Ronaldo has 100,059,829 and Eminem has 95,683,556 million followers Facebook.

Twitter and Facebook’s Q2 2014 revenue was $312m compared to $2,910m respectively. The stats also show time spent on Twitter and Facebook by platform and Facebook driving more traffic than Twitter.

For more information please click read the full infographic below – Do you use Facebook or Twitter the most?