Niume social media circles but not G Plus

Social media apparently has one major drawback, users have to wait for followers to be noticed. Niume, is a new interest-based social network, which has been created as a neat solution to this problem. Niume has social media circles, but they are not G Plus circles - so what are they then?

Niume addresses the need for a more direct, and arguably more interactive, social network. Users post in themed communities known as ‘circles’ and their content is seen immediately by everyone following that circle. Posts can also be liked, shared or ‘hyped’ by the followers, all of whom have a shared interest in the subject.

Co-Founder Francesco Facca comments, “Niume is about sharing your ideas with like-minded people outside your usual connections, and helping you discover more from people who like the same things as you. The circles naturally filter content by interest theme, reducing noisy feeds. For people posting content, Niume uniquely offers users instant reach. You don’t have to build a following first, and that is the real joy of Niume.”

The circles (over 500 to date) can be set up by anyone, on any subject, and followed by anyone else who’s interested. This new approach to social media leads to high-quality interactions, informed discussion, and the sharing of great content. Niume has had great initial success in its photography, art and travel circles with over 120,000 page views, and this is set to grow across the ever-increasing number of different interest areas including sports, science, entertainment and music.

Niume can be accessed at It is free to join, easy to use and secure. Content is monitored by the circle creators and a central team. Users can login to Niume using Facebook or google+ and posts to Niume can be automatically shared to the authors’ Facebook timeline.

Niume social media circles but not G Plus