Blame Jameis trends on Twitter

Today in the United States the hashtag #BlameJameis is trending in Twitter.

When something serious happens to a celebrity a hashtag is almost certain to trend I Twitter, and today there are no exceptions when it comes to Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston.

Blame Jameis trends on Twitter

Blame Jameis trends on Twitter pic 1

Image above via Jaboowins/media.

The hashtag trending today is #BlameJameis, which is a little harsh. Many Twitter fans have said innocent until proven guilty so leave the man alone, but this has not stopped hundreds of tweets coming through.

Jameis Winston has two cases above his head at the moment, one covering reports of the star being paid for autographs that were sold online, and the other where he is facing a university disciplinary hearing covering violations include sexual misconduct. Read more about the latest news on Jameis over on ESPN.

The #BlameJameis tweets are coming in fast, one said, “#FSUTwitter BREAKING NEWS: Jameis Winston sole culprit of Global Warming. #BlameJameis.”

If you visit (@TomahawkNation) you will see they have added many #BlameJameis tweets.

Here are a few #BlameJameis screenshots below –

BlameJameis 1

BlameJameis 2

So many tweets are coming in, whatever has gone wrong for someone they are putting the #BlameJameis hashtag within their tweet – everyone is blaming Jameis.

Other top trending Twitter hashags today in USA include: #StealMyGirlAcoustic, #NameThingsYouThinkAreTrash, #RuinADessert and #AskFachri.

Blame Jameis trends on Twitter