Taylor Swift RIP Me BBC America video

Taylor Swift admits to watching her fans on Instagram and Twitter etc, the banter with Swift was amazing on the BBC America The Graham Norton Show Friday video.

Swift is watching all her fans on social media networks, but most of her fans are basically dying with Swift saying in the video below RIP Me. She said, “I love them so much because they always talk about dying! RIP Me, they talk about I Died. Dead.”

Taylor Swift RIP Me BBC America video main pic

Graham Norton reads out a few messages from fans and it really does seem like they are dying. The pop star said she wanted her fans to hear her new album before its was released, so she invited a few fans to her secret “1989″ listening session where she lived.

89 fans were picked to come to her home in Rhode Island so that they could hear her new “1989″ album. Many fans posted selfie photos onto Instagram of them with Taylor Swift saying how much they enjoyed themselves.

Picking her fans was simply down by going onto Instagram pages, Tumblr and Twitter etc and she would just watch for months of end.

One of Swift’s Instagram posts said, “About to be on the Graham Norton Show- if you’re in the UK, tune in! We talked about lotssss of things. #RIPME.

Are you happy Taylor Swift is watching you on Instagram and Twitter?

Taylor Swift RIP Me BBC America video