No Bra Day 2014 trends on Twitter

National No Bra Day normally happens on July 9th each year, but this year of 2014 it is today October 13 because it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the 13th was officially added as an extra day.

The hashtag #NoBraDay has taken the official Twitter number one slot in the UK and USA, today is all about removing your bra to free your breasts for 24 hours.

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Women around the world are leaving their bras at home to support the ‘No Bra Day’ in support of breast cancer awareness month, this support is mainly aimed at women but men can also help to raise even more awareness.

Men Can Help Too

Men can also help, please wear something ‘PURPLE or PINK’ and post the photo of you wearing it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr or whatever social network you are using – share the photo to them all with the hashtag #NoBraDay.

It is so important that women check their breasts regularly, if you find anything out of the ordinary consult your doctor no matter how small. The sooner breast cancer is diagnosed the better chance you have of eradicating it. Breast self-examinations once a month around about a week after your period is the best time.

Are you supporting No Bra Day?

No Bra Day 2014 trends on Twitter