Hotel discounts dependent on social media status

There is a new way to save massive discounts on your next holiday, and your social media status decides on how much of a discount you get on hotels.

Hotelied (Beta) decides on how much discount it can give you dependent on your travel history and social media status. There is a maximum of 50% discounts and just by linking OSM’s Twitter and my personal Google Plus with Hotelied I get to save a maximum of 40% - guess you have to add other things to get more savings.

Hotel discounts dependent on social media status pic 1

You can link using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus, you can also link hotels and airlines - if you look at the screenshot above it says I have a max discount of 40% and titled ‘ Incredible’ and profile strength is just at Snowbird.

The more social media followers you have the better the hotel discount, take the Metropolitan by COMO Miami Beach, the normal price per night is $323 – but thanks to a massive discount based on my social media following I can get for $194 per night.

Have you tried out Hotelied yet? If you have please let us know what max discount you have been rewarded.

Hotel discounts dependant on social media status