Google Plus photos within comments

One question often arising is, “When will we be able to add photos within Google Plus comments?” so many Google Plus users want this feature and yet Google has not yet added it.

Because this question pops up often I decided to do a quick poll - At 14:06 today we started a new poll question, “Would you like to add photos within G+ comments?” and so far it has had 7 votes with 86% saying yes they would and 14% saying no. Even though this number is low at the moment due to the fact the poll was started recently, it is a question well worth asking.

Google doesn’t seem to be adding many new features lately; the latest update was its new ‘Poll’ feature, which you can read more about here, but this has been the only update for a while..

Facebook have allowed its users to add photos to its comments for a while now, and it surprises me that Google Plus users want the same ability.

Some believe by adding photos within Google Plus comments is going down the same path as Facebook, and we do not want that. G Plus is clean so keep it that way. But, others do not agree and judging on the poll so far those wanting the feature outweighs those that do not.

So far Google Plus users want to add photos to comments - Do you?

google plus photos within comments poll