Facebook’s Zuckerberg $100m hideaway purchase

Mark Zuckerberg is doing rather well when it comes to a healthy bank balance, and now the Facebook CEO is offloading around $100 million for his new hideaway areas in Hawaii.

He purchased two massive pieces of land on the main part of the Hawaiian Islands called Kauai as reported by Forbes.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg $100m hideaway purchase pic 1

$100m is not a lot of money when you are a billionaire, and we all know property prices are rising, which makes this a 700-acre investment as well as a sanctuary for his family.

The first piece of 393 acre land is on Pila’a Beach with white sand and lovely blue waters, and the second 357 acre piece of land Mark Zuckerberg purchased is the adjacent Kahu’aina Plantation, former sugarcane plantation.

Pila’a Beach stood him in $49.6 million, which was purchased from Pfleuger Properties and the Kahu’aina Plantation was purchased from California-based Falko Partners for $66 million.

Has Mark Zuckerberg bought the land for privacy, investment or has he really bought it for his family and himself as a sanctuary retreat?

Facebook’s Zuckerberg $100m hideaway purchase