Pinterest search users thoughts on guided directions

Pinterest Guided Search was released earlier this year for Web users and nothing new has changed, but what has changed is the way users think about searching.

After using Pinterest Guided Search for a while now, the expansion in use is just brilliance. The options are to discover and explore and we really mean explore with excitement is immense. Pinterest basically knows what the users wants, it learns as it gets older with its knowledge only but getting to know us the more we search.

Have something else in mind

Why head in one direction when searching when you can be provided with a greater avenue of choice -

For example, when you type in ‘social media’ in Pinterest search you will get other tabs open just below the search and it produces many more search guides, in a nutshell ‘added categories’.

This means, under ‘social media’ in search the sub-categories included Marketing, Humor, Tips, Infographic, Design and many more, and when you for example click on ‘Marketing’ it adds it into search and provides more guided searches such as Facebook, Ideas and so forth.

Even though no new Pinterest Guided Search updates have occurred, we just want to ask you one simple question – How are you getting on with the Pinterest Guided Search feature?

Explore your options