Facebook vs. Education first after Narendra Modi meet

Mark Zuckerberg finally sat down with Shri Narendra Modi on Friday 10th October 2014, the meeting between Facebook’s CEO and Prime Minister was to discuss about bringing the Internet to the one billion people in India that do not have access – But this seems to have caused a debate hitting of education first rather than Internet.

Using Facebook as the social media platform so that the population without Internet can engage with a large audience is causing a small debate on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook post.

Facebook vs. Education first after Narendra Modi meet pic 1

Zuckerberg posted a status message of his timeline about the meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, with the hope to connect the country to the Internet. Zuckerberg also said, “Prime Minister Modi and I both believe that connectivity can help transform lives and communities across India, and we had a productive discussion about how to collaborate on this through his Digital India initiative and Internet.org.”

Narendra Modi also post a message on his official Facebook timeline, Modi said they chatting about a number of things such as the disicussion with Swachh Bharat Mission with Zuckerberg sharing that Facebook would move forward in helping the Government of India in the Clean India mobile app. Modi also wishes Zuckerberg indentifying any way how Facebook can help promote India’s rich tourist potential globally – Read more about this here.

It was rather interesting to read a piece from the source above, the part where the Prime Minister of India made a point of many terrorist elements using social media to recruit members, it was discussed that they need to come up with a way to stop the terror rather than promoting it.

Facebook Comments –

“Shouldn’t we educate people first, many don’t even know how to use a basic computer, or even read and write!”

“It’s more than just the internet. How about educating them first rather than to provide internet facility? There are people in India who needs education more than the internet. As a matter of fact, some people don’t even know what the internet is. I know this is all about business, but still if someone tries to uphold education and skills of people, it would have been a great work.”

Great step in “making the world more open and connected”! #inspiration #proud

Is it really more than just the Internet for India, do you believe educating them first is more important than providing them with the Internet?

Facebook vs. Education first after Narendra Modi meet