Top Facebook Trending topics for October 10

As of 14:42 GMT the top 10 Facebook Trending topics are as follow, these are the hottest subjects on Facebook at the moment, which obviously change all the time.

In first place is Real Madrid star ‘Gareth Bale’, where news surrounding the footballer urging teammate Cristiano Ronaldo not to leave for Manchester United and should stay at Real Madrid.

Taking second place in Facebook trending is North Korean leader ‘Kim Jong-un’, talking about him missing yet another anniversary celebration with people worried about his long absence away from the public eye.

Jan Hooks is trending third, the actress sadly lost her life at the age of 57 with the cause of her death still unknown – For more information please read our previous article here.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr takes the 4th spot with the latest news surrounding his father fighting Manny Pacquiao, he said the fight will happen. For more information please visit here.

5th place in Facebook Trending is ‘Manchester city centre’ which covers the Deansgate shooting where a man on a motorcycle opened fire outside a nightclub.

Jules Bianchi is trending in 6th on Facebook, the F1 driver had an accident leaving him critical in hospital after a head operation. There is no change to his health, Marussia has decided to withdraw the second car from Grand Prix.

in 7th, 8th 9th and 10th is Take That, Key & Peel, The Endless River and World Mental Health Day.

What Facebook Trending topic pulled you in the most?

Top Facebook Trending topics for October 10