Hudhud cyclone social media weather updates

Hudhud Cyclone 3B is taking over the social media network channels at the moment, with the hashtags being used the most include #Hudhud and #CycloneHudhud.

A new tropical cyclone has formed providing winds of up to 70mph to 85mph in the Bay of Bengal, it is apparently going to intensify as it goes across warm waters.

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It has been said the Hudhud could be a strong Category 3 equivalent when hits the Indian West Coast landfall, hitting around 111mph.

Tropical Cyclone Hudhud, which is also know as Cyclone 3B, will become a severe storm when it hits somewhere around the northern Andhra Pradesh coastline this Saturday. Districts along the Bay of Bengal coast in Andhra Pradesh have been put on high alert, those is Visakhapatnam in AP and Gopalpur in Odisha are expected to get the brunt of the cyclone.

Follow all the latest news of the Hudhud Cyclone via these dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also read the latest Hudhud cyclone news over at The Weather Channel.

Hudhud cyclone social media weather updates