Anna Przybylska Instagram, Facebook keeps us smiling

Anna Przybylska sadly died after losing her battle with pancreatic cancer, and even though fans are very sad hearing of her passing away her social media networks can still keep them smiling.

The TV and film actress is a mother of three, and at the age of just 35 she lost her battle to live on October 5 after fighting cancer. Her death was announced on Facebook and fans sent in there comments of condolences.

Her official Facebook channel was updated releasing information of her funeral, Anna Przybylskiej’s memorial service will be October 9, 2021 in the Chair and 13:00 in the church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary the Queen of Polish Street - Armia Krajowa in Gdynia. Please read the full statement here.

Fans have also taken to Twitter after hearing of the actress passing away, some are saddened she has died and hope that the official Anna Przybylskiej Instagram and Facebook profiles are kept running as a tribute to the beautiful star.

The actress leaves her partner footballer Jaroslaw Bieniuk, two sons and a daughter. OSM would like to offer our condolences to Anna’s family and friends, RIP.

Do you want Anna Przybylskiej’s Facebook and Instagram to carry on as a tribute to the actress?

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  • sweety

    Ania was a great actress and mother and person, she was from my city, she by her way of life and exaple she gave shout be the big support for everyone who is sruggle with illness and problems in life. her dead shocted me so deeply, i cant cry …