YouTube for Government officials could ruin profiles

The new YouTube for Government has been put in place to help officials learn more about YouTube, it is all about getting the best out of a video they produce.

YouTube for Government is a very good communication tool and can help political profiles, but the officials need to learn one vital thing so that they do not ruin their profiles.

YouTube for Government officials to boost profiles

The new YouTube channel of Government officials does go into detail about how they can learn the basics of creating a video and customizing a channel, it also explains in great detail about features such as playlists, live streaming and annotations etc, but there is one vital thing officials should do.

Government officials should turn OFF YouTube comments, there are so many nasty YouTube comments out there not worth reading. Even famous YouTube user PewDiePie has turned of comments, Government officials should do the same thing.

So far the Well-organized government channels include U.S. Department of State with 26,753 subscribers, Greek Parliament has 1,112, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (20,498), Chile’s National Government (3,918), NYC’s Mayor’s Office has 1,075 YouTube subscribers and South Korea’s President’s Office has 3,228.

What advice can you give an official who uses YouTube for Government?

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