Shocking Jules Bianchi F1 crash video

The weekend just gone was a very sad one for those watching the Japanese Grand Prix; the weather was terrible and resulted in the devastating Jules Bianchi crash. The raw and shocking Bianchi F1 crash video has now emerged and the comments are coming in fast.

Bianchi had to have surgery to his head after the collision with the tractor, which was moving an F1 car that crashed previously. The car that was being lifted by the tractor was Adrian Sutil’s Sauber car; FIA spokesman Bonciani Matteo announced Bianchi’s situation is very serious but stable, but did add it is more serious than stable.

Shocking Jules Bianchi F1 crash video pic 1

The video of the crash has now reached YouTube, the shocking Bianchi crash video was uploaded onto LucaPac YouTube channel and has had 319,386 views and 112 comments since yesterday.

Please be aware that you may find the crash video disturbing, it is a violent accident that some viewers may find shocking.

Jules Bianchi twitter thankyou message

Fans are taking to social media questioning the accident, some are saying if the tractor was out dealing with another car why was the race still going on! Many are saying the race should have been stopped (Black Flagged) until the wreckage site was clear, if the tractor weren’t there Bianchi would have hit a tire wall and would not be in critical condition.

What are your views on the Jules Bianchi F1 crash?

Shocking Jules Bianchi F1 crash video