PSN is down, just accept the T&Cs

Gamers are taking to Twitter complaining saying that PSN is down yet again, but this might not be the case.

Over on Twitter PlayStation owners are saying the network is down again with some not being able to sign-in, others are tweeting that they cannot make any purchases.

PSN is down yet again for gamers pic 1

PSN may not be down though, users are taking to Twitter to let everyone know you just have to accept the new terms & conditions (T&Cs) and all will be fine.

Please let us know if the PlayStation Network is down for you, or if in fact you do need to accept the new terms & conditions?

One commenter over on Down Detector said, he demands that a Sony Executive has brought dishonor upon themselves, when PSN is all working the Destiny server is not, and when the Destiny server is working PSN is not. You are proving to be a pain the game said, he left off saying, “Its getting real hard turning down all Bill Gates missed calls.”

Another Twitter user said if Sony can fix the PlayStation Network they may consider subscribing to Plus, they went on to say the service is a joke and has been for the last two weeks.

Is PSN down for you?

PSN is down yet again for gamers