October lunar eclipse updates via social media

The October lunar eclipse 2014 also known as Hunter’s Moon is going to be an epic sight early Wednesday morning, those watching will get to see the edge of the Earth’s shadow as it passes over the full moon.

It has been said the lunar eclipse will happen around about 1:15 AM PT (4:15 AM ET), to see the total lunar eclipse this will happen around 3:15 AM PT (6:15 AM ET) and will last about an hour.

It has been reported that those living in the UK will not be able to see the lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse as said above uses the name ‘Hunter’s Moon’ as well as ‘Blood Moon’ and watchers will see a reddish coppery color as it passes into the Earth’s shadow. This will be the second lunar eclipse of four over a two year span that all started on April 15 with it finishing on September 28, 2015.

Those living in Australia, western South America, North America and some parts of East Asia will get to see it.

For updates the @NASA Twitter account is very good, and also the official NASA Facebook account. @NASA tweeted, “Ask now: Our lunar experts are taking Q’s about tonight’s lunar #eclipse in a @Reddit_AMA on Reddit.”

Are you going to be watching the lunar eclipse?

October lunar eclipse updates via social media