Facebook employee count dropping for Instagram

The Facebook employee count is getting smaller in favor of Instagram, the general public believe big things are about to happen to Instagram seeing as many are moving over to the photo-sharing platform.

As of June 30, 2021 there were 7,185 employees, obviously this has grown since then. However, the number can be reduced because re/code reports that Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Marne Levine who was the Vice President of Global Public Policy is moving over to Instagram.

Facebook purchased Instagram back in 2012 and even though she is moving to the photo-sharing platform she does not have a fixed role as of yet. Her role is being discussed, but her role will include being in communication, human resources and policy.

She could also have input in partnerships, monetization, business operations and marketing. Regional Director James Quarles worked with Facebook and now is with Instagram as the Global Head of Business and Brand Development. Peter Deng was also working for Facebook, but is now with Instagram as Director of Product.

Why are these top Facebook authorities’ leaving Facebook for Instagram?

It is obvious why they have moved from Facebook to Instagram, and one simple word reveals all – ‘ADS’.

Facebook employee count dropping for Instagram