Charter experiencing internet outage

Charter is experiencing an Internet outage at the moment and according to Twitter users it has something to do with Belkin routers.

Many Charter users are taking to Twitter to vent their anger, with many tweets basically saying the same thing. Charter apparently informed its customers of a new firmware update this morning, but going ahead with this killed their Belkin router.

charter problems

One tweet said, “Thank you Charter for the internet outage as I’m trying to study for my exam tomorrow. This is ridiculous.”

Over on Down Detector the Charter outage started at around 8:15 AM EDT, they are also asking Charter customers to retweet if the service is down for you - #charterdown.

Charter users are very angry indeed and venting their anger out on Twitter, they say Charter needs to get it together and sort the issue out.

Are you experiencing Charter Internet problems? If so please do comment below.

Charter experiencing internet outage

  • C Alexander Moore

    Charter is just an ISP. This is a Belkin issue. A worldwide holy-effin-hell-they’ll-be-bankrupt-by-sundown Belkin problem. Google it. Or, to see how terribly Belkin is responding (if you could call it that) to this, check out the @belkin_cares twitter. Ridiculous.

  • Justin Bonner

    Yup, can’t get in touch to belkin through any means. Looks like Wal Mart will be getting this router back.

  • Distilled1

    never buy a belkin POS
    worst router EVER and anything under 59.00 is junk

  • A fan

    As C Alexander Moore said, this is a Belkin issue, not a Charter issue.