What is Rantic up to now?

So what are Rantic Social Media Marketers up to now, their website at the moment is in what they call ‘Maintenance Mode’.

Rantic.com is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance and asks you to try back again soon, and they are sorry for the inconvenience.

The site has been very busy over the last month or so, many are saying Rantic is far sleazier than originally thought – In fact, who is behind Rantic?

So it’s official: the Emma You Are Next web site, which was threatening to release nude pictures of Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, is a hoax. The site now redirects traffic to the home page of something called Rantic, a mysterious supposed “social media marketing enterprise” with a reputation for hoaxes.

So far Rantic has gone from showing the ‘Emma You Are Next’, which was basically a threat to show nude photos of Emma Watson, this is when the site became a massive marketing campaign where they wanted visitors to spread the word by using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Rantic then moved onto #ShutDown4CHAN, this caused mayhem on social media networks. Rantic said on its Twitter account they did NOT want to shutdown 4Chan. Then the site was apparently hacked by Le 9GAG Army, which then later turned into a homepage to help the homeless.

No Rantic.com is under going a scheduled maintenance – What is Rantic up to now?

What is Rantic up to now