FlipKart sale complaints on Twitter

FlipKart held one of its biggest ever sale’s in history called the ‘Big Billion Day’, but when the sale went live customers have taken to Twitter to send in their complaints.

The Flipkart sale is being discussed a lot over on Twitter, and even though there are many great deals they are not being praised for this, instead they are being blasted because the prices on the official website were exaggerated over a couple of days, which basically meant the discounts shown were not real.

Customer anger is being vented on Twitter because some were not able to process their purchases because Flipkart’s servers kept going down or they were too slow. Only one hour ago on the official FlipKart Twitter page they replied to one customer who said, “Is it really a Big Billion Sale @Flipkart. There is no payment option,” With “@namrataaswani We’re experiencing a temporary glitch on our site. We’ll be up soon. Thank you for your patience.”

Some are saying Flipkart have put the prices up on products and then the next day putting it in the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale, which makes it look like there is a discount.

#BigBillionDay is trending on Twitter, but so is #CheckSnapdealToday because people are turning to Snapdeal saying their discount prices are genuine.

What are your views on the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale?

Here are a few FlipKart complain tweets – You can read ALL the tweets here.

FlipKart sale complaints on Twitter