Facebook social login trends for 2014

Social networking is becoming more popular each day, and not just for the general public. Many brands, businesses are getting on board and this is making the social login numbers rise very fast indeed.

If you look at the chart below it asks the question, “Which social accounts are the most popular to login with on a website? And, the data courtesy of ‘Login Radius’ shows Facebook hold 56% of the social login trends, in second place is Google Plus with 24% and these as follows; Twitter 12%, Yahoo 3%, and those with 1% only include LinkedIn, Vkontakte, Live, Steam Community and other.

It clearly shows over half the charts numbers for social login are using Facebook, with Google Plus for social login at a quarter.

Login Radius also looked into the gender and social login trends, and this shows majority are men until Q3, 2014 with online female population overtaking the male population in social logins.

The chart shows 51% of females are more likely to login with a social account with only 49% being male. 67% use social login from PCs, market share has dropped for both Facebook and G Plus. For and in-depth look into social logins please read this Login Radius PDF file here.

When it comes to the global regions of those using social networks to login, European and Asian countries are more than likely to use Facebook or Google Plus, the numbers are about the same in North America. The South American statistics are intriguing because they are different to North America with 40% using Google Plus and 45% using Facebook.

What country are you in and what social network do you login to the most?

2014 Facebook social login statistics vs others pic 1