Peter Taylor RIP tributes on Twitter

Derby County Peter Taylor sadly passed away 24 years ago today on October 4, 2021 is Spain, and people are taking time to pay tribute to the legend.

Peter Taylor RIP tributes are now being tweeted to say the man has gone but will never be forgotten, once Twitter users said Peter Taylor is as important to Nottingham Forest as Brian Clough was NFFC.

The Derby Telegraph explains how Peter Taylor and Brian Clough took the Rams to one of their best periods in the football club’s history. They also report how the pair to Derby to the League champions from Division Two status in 1971-72, as well as taking them to the European Cup semi-finalists in 1972-73.

Hashtags surrounding the tribute tweets include, #PeterTaylor, #RIP, #Legend and #NFFC.

Luca ‏@boomer_blink182 said on Twitter, “@sevenofalex your grandad is a legend. I’m getting a tattoo of him to go with my brian clough tattoo. #Petertaylor #rip”

Here are a few other tweets –

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Peter Taylor RIP tributes on Twitter