Facebook fake like spammers face court

Facebook is stepping up its fight to stop fake like spammers, and so far its push within court has netted the social networking giants $2 billion in legal judgments.

Spam is very bad for users and it makes social media network places an unpleasant place to be, especially when users like something not realising they are Facebook like scams. And, to prevent this happening Facebook will readily go to court.

Facebook fake like spammers face court pic 1

A very long blog post on Facebook by Site Integrity Engineer, Matt Jones explains in great detail what the company will do to stamp out fake likes from spammers. They are stepping it up in what they call ‘Keeping Facebook activity authentic’ and urge businesses not to buy fake likes for their Facebook pages.

Even though Facebook has obtained around $2 billion in legal judgments against spammers, Jones did not reveal whom they took to court. The strong message is to warn strong offenders from abusing the platform, if they do then they can face court.

Facebook likes are put into place to make money from FB page owners, but the crunch comes when the owners do not get any returns on the likes they have purchased. Facebook said it makes sense to put this into action as part of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which kicked of this week.

What are your views on Facebook fake likes?

Facebook fake like spammers face court