Annabelle vs. Gone Girl social stats, video collection

Both Annabelle and Gone Girl were released on October 3, 2021 in USA, and both movies are doing really well at the box office as well as gaining many social media networking followers.

Gone Girl stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, and Annabelle stars Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton.

We will not go into the details about the movie plots as the video collections below explains all, but one is basically a thriller and the other a horror.

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Both are R-rated movies and the Conjuring spin-off is doing rather well at the box office by collecting around $14 million on its opening, the three-day total is expected to be around the $30 million mark. Gone Girl on the same opening day collected around the $13m mark with a three-day projection of $38 million.

Gone Girl has a good social media following with 5,461 followers on Pinterest, 14.6K fans on Twitter, over on the official Gone Girl Google Plus page they have 24,728 followers, on Facebook 149,350 people like the page and its YouTube channel has 254 subscribers, where you can see videos on the homepage of the channel. But, when you click on ‘Videos’ for some reason it says, “This channel has no videos.” We recommend you visiting this YouTube channel for all the videos, as there are loads more.

Annabelle can be seen on the Warner Bros social media networks as well, but we want to give you the stats on the dedicated Annabelle networks. You can follow 1,680,458 people over on Facebook, its Twitter channel has 13.7K followers and on G Plus the movie is only liked 36 people.

For Gone Girl showtimes and tickets please visit here, and for Annabelle showtimes here. Are you more exited about seeing Annabelle or Gone Girl?

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Annabelle vs. Gone Girl social stats, video collection