Taken 3 trailer boosts social media fame

The new Taken 3 movie starring Liam Neeson will be releasing January 9, 2015, and already the trailer and social media growth is vast.

So far the official Taken 3 trailer has had 5,939,094 YouTube views, 30,039 thumbs up and 691 thumbs down. The trailer has caught the attention of all these people and all over social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter good and bad things are being said about the upcoming film.

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Taken 3 Plot
Taken is all about Liam Neeson getting his kidnapped family back, and this third installment Neeson (Bryan Mills) who is an ex-covert operative who goes on the hunt for those that murdered his wife. He is being pursued by the FBI, CIA and the police so he goes on the run, now he is all set to use his skills to hunt down the killers, he also has one thing in his life to protect – his daughter.

The social media popularity for Taken 3 is going up, its already boosted the Taken Facebook page and on Twitter with 4,951,376 and 9,917 followers. The Twitter account is only about Taken 3 and the Facebook covers all Taken movies.

So many people are looking forward to Taken 3, but there are a few who are bashing the film to bits. A few Twitter users have said it is a little funny how he can retrieve something like a kidnapped daughter with his set of skills, but he should learn how to keep them from being kidnapped.

Taken 3 Cast
Liam Neeson, Forest Whitaker, Famke Janssen, and Maggie Grace. Please do watch the Taken 3 YouTube trailer below.

Read some of these tweets –

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Are you looking forward in seeing Taken 3?

Taken 3 trailer boosts social media fame