New Instagram redesign layout

Instagram has not had a redesign in a while now, but the new instagram redesign concept on Behance will blow you away.

Web and graphic designer Shkodran Arifi has shared on Behance his Instagram redesign concept idea on how the layout should be and what new features it should contain.

Shkodran Arifi states he is tired off the current Instagram design and that is why he came up with this new design concept to show what is possible.

The concept started with sketches, the whole layout would be different starting with the Instagram login screen, the News Feed will show a list of images that have been uploaded by people the user is following. The list will also consist of large images with small icons of likes and comments. The new icons will be Show/Hide Menu, Upload a Post, Likes and Comments.

There will be a new scroll feed, for the menu users would need to swipe right or tap the menu icon, new profile layouts would happen if this was reality and not a concept.

Take a look at some more images below to get an idea of what Instagram could look like – Would you like to see a new Instagram Redesign like this concept?

New Instagram redesign layout pic 2

New Instagram redesign layout