Google Hangout features update with restrictions

New Google Hangout features have been added, which offers many improvements designed for Google Apps for Work customers.

Thanks to Google for Work over on G Plus they have shared the new features, with an image saying ‘Hangouts helps you get things done, face to face.

Google Hangout features update with restrictions

When it comes down to Google Apps for Work, a new feature will now allow users to invite anyone they wish as long as they have a Google account to join in a Hangouts call through a URL. This means it can be either a personal or work Google account, the only downside is the minor restrictions Google have placed.

The restrictions are not really bad to be fair, it just means uninvited guests can join a Hangout but only from a Web browser and NOT and mobile device as these are not supported yet. This means no Google apps account is required anymore to join a Hangout from the Web.

Other features will include ‘screensharing’, which is great when presenting to a large group, as well as adding improved ambient noise filters. When presenting things to a large group now using the screenshare app in Hangouts everyone will see it, which basically means there is no need for searching the right tiny display to click on.

When in a Hangout people can hear you tapping away on the keyboard when typing, yes very annoying to say the least. Presenters now have the option to place the screen front and in the middle for all and with improving ambient noise filters clicking or tapping/typing will be filtered.

So the three new Google Hangouts features include adding attendees more efficiently, make it a lot easier to show what is on your screen, and the reducing of ambient noise.

new google hangouts features