Facebook unread messages scam link warning

Be aware of a new Facebook scam link, cybercriminals are trying to get users to click on a link to stop their unread messages being deleted.

The new warning goes out to Facebook users because the hoax makes them believe their unread Facebook messages may get deleted if they do not read them now by clicking on a certain link.

They are targeting people in a simple way, the scammers no when you are away for a period of time because your Facebook wall is not being updated. So what they do is send you out a couple of warning messages and this is where it begins.

Facebook unread messages scam link warning pic 1

Security researcher Graham Cluley goes into more detail about this, but one of the emails being sent out looks like the one above believing to have come from “Facebook Administration”, the email says you haven’t been to Facebook for a few days, and a lot has happened while you were away. You unread messages will be deleted soon, then they give you two options - ‘View Messages’ or ‘Go to Facebook’, DO NOT CLICK any of them. There is also another email being sent out shown below.

Facebook unread messages scam link warning pic 2

By clicking on the link you may be taken to another website where in a nutshell your PC will be infected by malware, a simple way to steal Facebook details.

The Facebook spam emails are a hoax, Cluley decided to click on one of the links and he was taken to a Canadian pharmacy website selling medicines that can “improve your bedroom performance.” These links can either be a malware issue or plain and simple scam to take you to bad advertising.

Have you come across the Facebook unread messages scam yet?

Facebook unread messages scam link warning

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