LinkedIn University Rankings helps career movement

LinkedIn has created a brand new tool called ‘LinkedIn University Rankings - Based on career outcomes’ and this is all based on the careers of over 300 million professionals.

The new tool allows users to see the top-ranked universities for each field in Canada, United States and United Kingdom. We all know about last years University Pages, well this year university graduates can now connect with alumni to increase their career opportunities.

These new ‘LinkedIn University Rankings’ are all based on the career paths of LinkedIn members.

So how do the schools stack up across a variety of careers in Canada, USA and the UK? Here are the screenshots of the top 3 USA and UK LinkedIn University Rankings –


LinkedIn University Rankings USA


LinkedIn University Rankings UK

Top 3 Canada LinkedIn University Rankings

Best Schools For Accounting Professionals: 1) McGill University, 2) University of Toronto and 3) University of Waterloo.

The Best Schools For Finance Professionals: 1) University of Waterloo, 2) Queen’s University, 3) University of Toronto.

Best Schools For Investment Bankers: 1) Queen’s University, 2) McGill University, 3) Wilfrid Laurier University.

Best Schools For Marketers: 1) Queen’s University, 2) Wilfrid Laurier University, 3) York University.

Best Schools For Software Developers: 1) University of Waterloo, 2) The University of British Columbia, 3) Simon Fraser University.

Do you like the new LinkedIn University Rankings?

LinkedIn University Rankings helps career movement