Facebook login bringing ads away from home page

The majority of Facebook users might login through the website home page, or even on Android and iOS apps, but there’s still thousands that access the Facebook login through 3rd party websites and the company know this all too well.

It looks like Facebook will be targeting ads to their users everywhere soon, so this means if you login to Facebook from a website not owned by the social network it could soon be targeted by advertisers.


Some Online Social Media readers might remember the new Atlas advertising platform, which Facebook attained from Microsoft last year. This ad platform will be launched in a new form along with the ability to allow advertisers to interact with users in a new way.

Once you login to Facebook on properties not owned by the company, the new Atlas system will use “people-based marketing” and “cross-device” advertising to connect the advertisers will people in a much more fluid way. The rumor of Facebook login’s being involved originated from this WSJ article, which explains “Facebook accounts” are involved in the new Atlas targeting.

Bottom-line: the new Atlas platform will allow marketers to connect with people no matter what platform or device they are on and of course there seems to be a Facebook connection to make this happen. You can read the official Atlas blog post here that details their new advertising system.

If the rumors are correct, then how will you feel about your Facebook login being used to target ads on other platforms?


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