Olly Murs Google Hangout countdown: Update

Today is the day you can join heartthrob singer Olly Murs in his Google Hangout, which is happening between 21:00 - 22:00.

The Olly Murs Google Plus Hangout will be broadcasted to 21:00 - 22:00, and if you take a look at his official tweet showing a countdown you can see the date of 29.09.14 at 9PM (1PM PDT/4PM EDT as well as it showing 30.09.14 5AM JST / 6AM AEST.

The free Q&A broadcast allows fans to ask Olly Murs anything they like, so far 430 Google Plus users have said they will be watching, 54 said maybe and 4 have not yet responded.

olly murs google hangout save the date

One fan said, “I am so so excited!! Xxxx - have set an alarm.” G Plus users are already asking Olly Murs questions even before the Hangout has started, one said “What’s behind the album name ‘Never Been Better’ without stating the obvious I’m sure we all get that you have never been better but can you explain to us why? Much Love to you in advance if you answer this question xx.”

Did you join the Olly Murs Google Hangout?

Olly Murs Google Hangout countdown