Lynda Bellingham Twitter support for battling Cancer

Actress Lynda Bellingham has decided to stop chemotherapy, after battling colon cancer for a while now, it has now been reported to have spread to her lungs and liver.

Lynda Bellingham has said in one of her tweets, “Hi everyone just to say thank you for all your support it means so much. I am not going to tweet anymore today as you can imagine it is,” since this tweet she has been getting even more support on Twitter.

BBC News reports the actress saying, “I would love to make one more Christmas, if possible, but I want to stop taking chemo around November in order to pass away by the end of January.”

The above statement is heartbreaking to read, but OSM would like to send our love and support to Lynda Bellingham for being a fighter, and of course to her family and friends. Keep fighting and stay strong, your kind messages on Twitter are amazing to read and encouraging.

Her new book titled ‘Memoir’, will be published on 9 October.

She also replied to many tweets offering words of comfort, which shows she is a beautiful woman. Read some of the tweets below.

Please do send your love and support in the comments below.

Lynda Bellingham Twitter support for battling Cancer

  • jim

    Ĺike Lynda, my wife’s cancer was missed for ages and like Lynda, she would have still be alive today. More needs to be done in diagnosis of this dreadful disease.