Lizard Squad hate on Twitter after servers hacked

Gamers are taking to Twitter to share there anger after PSN, Destiny and CoD Ghosts servers were taken down. Hacker group Lizard Squad also took to Twitter to let everyone know they were responsible.

Bungie’s Destiny servers went down on all platforms and the responsibility was in Lizard Squad’s court, they took to Twitter and tweeted the following –

They took down all servers to do with Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts with DDoS attack, and they were happy to use its Twitter account to announce what they did.

We have noticed on the PS4 sub-Reddit as well as Twitter many gamers having issues with the PlayStation Network, in some cases an error message is popping up when trying to download a free game via PlayStation Plus.

If you take a look at the tweet below by Bungie they admit they are aware of the issues with connection, and that they are sorting the problem out for Destiny players.

What PlayStation gamers are saying on Twitter –

One Twitter users said, “@LizardSquad lmfao you guys are a joke, leave the games alone they never raped u as a kid like your father did !!!”

How do you feel about Lizard Squad? Please do not swear in the comments, thank you.

Lizard Squad hate on Twitter after servers hacked