How to get Ello invite

Ello Facebook rival as everyone is calling it is sizzling stuff at the moment, and the new Ello social network is private and invitation only and this is causing somewhat of a stir on social media sites.

No matter where you look being it Twitter or Facebook etc, people are searching for the new social networking site called ‘Ello’. It was at first private but now the public can join with an invitation code, the problem is getting one of the new codes to join.

It seems the new Ello network is so popular people are buying invite codes on eBay for in excess of $200, if you want to know more about how to get Ello invite codes please do read on.

How to get Ello invite going viral

What or who is Ello?

It is basically an anti-Facebook social network. OK, this is what a few are calling it, it is basically a clean social networking site with NO ads created by Paul Bundnitz. Ads are taking over social media sites and he wanted to create a cleaner look with no ads at all showing. It has a simple clean black and white design, no gimmicks, no hassle feel – Find out a little more on Ello here.

How to get an Ello invite code?

There are a few ways you can get an Ello invitation - By visiting this Ello ‘Join page’ you will see a few fields that need filling in, the top field is where you need to put the invitation code in. Ello is still in beta and this is why you need an invite, basically the same process Google did with its Google Plus invites. Once out of beta everyone will be able to join.

The four simple steps in getting an Ello invite includes 1) signing up for the beta by visiting this page – Just enter your email to proceed and then wait patiently. 2) Follow the ‘Ello Invite Code’ Twitter page as people are tweeting invitation codes out, 3) Other social networks are good when you want something, and by visiting Google Plus you will see Ello invites being given out, 4) You may want to visit this Reddit page where codes are also being handed out.

Have you got an Ello invitation code you wish to hand out? If so please do share in the comments below.

Ello invites

  • Bajarat Krenz

    Here’s one of those ebay accounts where you can get an invite. Not for $200 bucks though, try 5