Facebook 2015 internet drones test in U.S

New Facebook drones to beam internet to the world will start happening sooner than we all thought, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Internet.org project and Facebook’s Connectivity Lab joined hands earlier this year with tests happening in 2015.

Facebook is moving ahead with its solar-powered drones carrying Internet in 2015, they are hoping to provide Internet to over two-thirds of the global population. The drones will be unmanned and will contain many solar panels, the first tests will happen over a US location, which has yet to be determined.

project google loon

The drones will be flying above airspace and of course all weather, which means they will be flying between 60,000 to 90,000 feet, and the drones will be about the size of a 747 jumbo jet.

Now it is a race against time, which will be the victors to provide Internet from the air using drones etc. Facebook is going down the drone’s path and the Google Loon project will be using balloons. The Google Balloons will also be flying between 60-90,000 ft.

It looks like Facebook is moving ahead in the game, but here is a question for you all – Would you prefer to access the Internet using Facebook Drones or Google’s Project Loon Balloons?

Facebook 2015 internet drones test in U.S