Donald Trump Twitter fail tweets killers

Donald Trump is estimated to be worth somewhere around $4billion, which basically makes the man a money magnate. But, he was not clever enough to see he was being fooled into sharing a photo of two murderers.

The American tycoon was fooled by Twitter user Philip Bradbury (@feckhead) who say’s he is a ‘failed comedian’, but to be fair he is no failed comedian because he tricked Donald Trump into sharing something he should have known about.

Philip Bradbury sent a Twitter message to Donald Trump saying, “My parents who passed away always said you were big inspiration. Can you pls RT for their memory?,” But, the photo was of Fred and Rose West.

Surely Trump knew Fred and Rose West were serial killers! Guess not is the answer here, unless he had a mind block and retweeted because he has a good heart and cares for his followers.

Trump shared the notorious child murderers photo, which his 2.7 million followers saw, he found out he was tricked and later deleted the tweet from his Twitter account.

Many have tweeted Philip Bradbury being a legend, saying it was very funny that he duped Trump into sharing a photo of the killers, but others slated him for the sick photo sharing saying it was poor taste. The West’s killed around 11 people where they were raped and tortured – Fred West is now dead after committing suicide and Rose is still serving her life sentence.

Do you think it was funny Donald Trump being tricked into sharing the Fred and Rose West photo?

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Donald Trump Twitter fail tweets killers

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