Delhi Zoo video of Tiger attack incident

Since the Delhi Zoo attack where a student died after being mauled by a tiger, video views and reactions on Twitter have risen.

A white Bengal tiger in Delhi Zoo sadly killed a young man of 20, they man fell into the enclosure where the tiger stared at him for about 15 minutes before attacking him. Some say the man climber into the enclosure but Times of India reports he fell into the tiger pit.

The Delhi Zoo incident can be seen in the video below (Viewers Discretion as it is detailed), the video has gone viral with 705,234 and rising fast, people are also searching ‘Delhi Zoo’ in Twitter and the hashtag #DelhiZoo is popular as well.

Please be AWARE when visiting Twitter because there are some graphic photos.

The man was identified as Maksood from Delhi’s Anand Parbat neighborhood, now social media is going crazy because now there are talks of the Tiger and its future. People believe the tiger was doing what it should do, no way should the animal be put down.

Here are a few tweets –

There is a video going around on Facebook titled “Shocking video: Tiger attacked a 17 years old 12th school student in dehli zoo,” DO NOT click it because it is one of those videos you have to share, do not waste your time – watch the video we have provided below courtesy of ABN Telugu.

Do you think the Tiger should be put down or not?

Delhi Zoo video of Tiger attack incident

  • care-less

    maqsood was 20 years old .. how come he has a wife and pregnant too ? In India, legal age for a man to marry is 21 years. Arrest his parents.

    • Dumbass

      Thats exactly what the issue is here. Get yourself a new head mate!

      • care-less

        these people have 7/8 children and their sole purpose is to increase their population. This takes toll everywhere.. all public resources are crowded and quality and safety of things go down. That is exactly the issue here dumbass