CRTC vs. Google, Netflix after refusal

Both Google and Netflix refused to supply any data backing its claims, and since doing so the CRTC have told the two companies they will not be using its submissions at nay hearing to do with the future of TV in Canada.

Broadcast regulators CRTC has removed all presentations made by Netflix and Google form the public record, and any future conclusions will not include them.

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The CRTC had guaranteed the same private treatment for the information it looked for from the two online firms as it gave all other susceptible data gave to it by different organizations.

Even though Netflix and Google said at the hearings that Canadian content was flourishing, they said they would not be supplying any information to the regulator who would use to back up the claim.

Evaluating any argument has to be dismissed after the companies refused to supply supporting evidence. Reuters reports that a Google spokeswoman said: “We stand by the submissions we made in this process and believe we made a positive contribution to the discussion.”

Are Google and Netflix right in refusing to supply data to CRTC?

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CRTC vs. Google, Netflix after refusal