New Cartoon HD Twitter not original Gappcenter

So many movie streaming websites out there walk a very thin line, and with GappCenter closing its Twitter doors a few days ago with 5,000 followers, it seems to have popped back online – Here is the kicker, the new Cartoon HD Twitter account is not the original Gappcenter.

When you visit the Gappcenter (@Gappcenter) Twitter account you will notice they do not have 5,000+ followers anymore, they now only have 80. And, its description says, “Cartoon HD is closed forever but there is now an even better solution that will never go away |“

It is a little strange how the Twitter page can be created again by a new owner trying to pass it off as GappCenter, and thanks to Product-Reviews reporting this, if you take a look at the website you will see it is still down.

The GappCenter Twitter account was created by the owner of and you must be aware these are NOT the real people, they are just trying to trick you into believing they are. is fake is the original movie and TV show streaming website, just remember that is a copy of If you take a look at the fake account you will see at the bottom of the website © 2012-2013 FliXanity. All rights reserved, but on the original and real site it says © 2014-2015 FliXanity. All rights reserved, now considering the fake one as only been live recently how can they say 2012 – 2013.

It is a little bit cheeky copying the original and creating and then taking the GappCenter Twitter page and pretending to be the original GappCenter.

The FAKE Flixanity Social Media Numbers

The fake website has links to its social media networks, over on Twitter they have 1,883 followers, you can smell a rat a mile off with the account name being @NewFliXanity. They also have a link to Facebook, which does not exist.

The REAL Flixanity Social Media Numbers

The official and REAL Flixanity Facebook page has 9,414 followers, its Twitter account has 22.1K and on Google Plus they have 103 followers.

Are you a little sad to find out the new Cartoon HD Twitter is not the original Gappcenter?

New Cartoon HD Twitter not original Gappcenter